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As a progressive and forward-thinking enterprise, Sharaf DG Energy brings together global experience and local knowledge to create sustainable solutions. Founded in 2014 as part of Sharaf Group’s conglomerate of 47 companies, Sharaf DG Energy aims to carry on Sharaf Group’s legacy as leaders in each industry it has operated in, since 1975.

Sharaf DG Energy provides sustainable energy solutions across a variety of business sectors as well as residential areas so clients can generate their own clean energy, benefit from annual energy savings, and learn to value the natural environment. Residential Villa Owners can now reduce their electricity bills with solar power and maintaining a greener tomorrow.

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Smart solutions for sustainable homes

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LED energy savings lighting solutions

kWh of guaranteed solar power generation annually


Produce your own clean and green energy

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Helping individuals and companies in achieving their financial goals when it comes to saving and creating new revenue streams through energy optimization and renewables.


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