Client: Meraas Holding

Project: Internal lighting solutions based on the LUX-level specifications and evenness of the light distribution

Project Outcome: Custom aesthetic light with energy saving LED lighting technologies

Project delivery: 3 months

Status: Completed

Vendors: TBA




Aligning with the clients’ objective to create a pleasant and hospitable residential environment, Sharaf DG Energy evaluated the entire scope of lighting and proposed a value engineered solution that result in both budget reduction and efficient aesthetic lighting

An architectural masterpiece is incomplete without lighting. Lighting influences the way people experience and understand architecture. It adds beauty and emotional value to a building, thus enhancing its value and impact on the occupants.


Besides affecting the physical and emotional well-being of the building occupants, a building's interior lighting system is both a dominant consumer of electrical energy and a major source of internal heat. Specifying a high quality energy efficient lighting system that utilizes both natural and electric sources as well as lighting controls can provide a comfortable yet visually interesting environment for the occupants of a space


Scope of work included, lights for kitchen, staircase, entrance, passage, rooms, bathrooms, maid’s room, living/dining room, lobby area, gym, power room, carpark, driveway, roof, ramp, side wall, balcony and corridors

We provided IP rated lighting fixtures and accessories from the leading lighting brands, keeping in mind the color temperature range of 3000-4000 Kelvins, specific for residential buildings

The entire project, from designing to execution, was completed in less than

3 months


LED’s are easy to assemble and replace. They find multiple applications in household and are a long term investment, that not only reduce energy use, but also result in significant savings


Standard and decorative lights and fixtures bring beautiful, natural light into your home


Take pride in being class-apart and being among the top advocates of futuristic LED technology

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