Choose elegantly styled lighting designs to add beauty and emotional value to a building. Improve overall customer experience by focusing on intelligent and energy efficient lighting

Commercial lighting

Your business blossoms

Good quality lighting directs the traffic into your store by creating a stunning and memorable first impression.  Selling products is easier when the customer sees them in the right light. Right light also affects buying decisions because customers spend more time in your store if they feel comfortable and can easily look around at displayed merchandize. It also helps store staff to be active and focused, thus offering better customer service

Importance of lighting in retail

Attracts and invites customers into the store

Increases the chances of a sale

The right lighting has a positive effect on everything from first impressions to checkout



Improves operational costs and helps save on energy consumption

Draws the attention to specific products for better examination

Employees become more focused on tasks and enjoy the work more

Our key focus areas in retail lighting

Transaction area

Quality bright lights can help you to make the customer's buying journey as easy as possible. You can also highlight some items you have on sale near or at the point of purchase

Fitting rooms

Each fitting room requires its own proper illumination, if the customer looks good, he or she will feel good and increase the chances of them making a purchase

Product display

It is ideal to showcase and focus on products you want to move. It makes no difference if it is new or old merchandise, it is important to shine a light that will flatter the product and will make customers stop, look, interact or want to try on

Window display

It is the one that gives the first impression to passersby and potential customers. You have to ensure that the architecture, concept and lighting of the window creates a seamless visual experience that captures attention

Our 3 promises

We will ensure to create an impressive visual impact and a pleasant visual experience to retain a customer for longer in the store. We guarantee to make the project efficient and cost-effective. We will manage to reflect the brand image and price range

Case Study

Complete value engineering and customized interior & exterior lighting with energy saving LED lighting technology for Spring Souk by EMAAR

Lighting projects

Elegant. Comfort. Luxury. Smart. Whatever your choice of lighting, we combine our technical expertise and product knowledge to design and deliver high quality projects