Install necessity-based, LED lights and fixtures that improve the overall aesthetics and provide an ambient healing environment by combining warm and cool lighting effects


Create a healing environment

Lighting plays an important role in healthcare, improving both the patient experience and the staff’s ability to provide the required level of care. Not only a sustainable choice, LED lighting can enhance the care environment and reduce costs by saving energy and improving operational efficiency

Energy savings

Reduce energy consumption by up to 50% with LED lighting and up to 80% through lighting controls 

Comply with energy legislation and support sustainability targets


Reinvest cost savings to enhance the healthcare environment

Enhance experience


Simulate natural daylight to support patients' sleep, mood, and recovery


Create a pleasant ambience for patients and visitors


Enhance the well-being and concentration of facility staff

Facilitate healing

Use ambient lighting to relax and reassure patients


Attract and retain valuable staff through a pleasant working environment


Create a relaxing and welcoming environment in reception, examination, and patient rooms

Two main areas in healthcare

Guest area

Quality bright lights can help you to make the customer's buying journey as easy as possible. You can also highlight some items you have on sale near or at the point of purchase

Patient Area

Create a more effective healing environment using the natural power of light by aligning patient room lighting automatically with our human circadian rhythm to help hospital patients sleep better, feel happier and heal faster

More than just lighting

Lighting is able to influence your world perception, feelings and emotions. We believe that the right lighting spread around the area in a hospital can enhance the healing process of the patient, and this is how we do it:

LED Down lights

Promote healing with light tones that looks similar to the daylight and helps to adjust the day & night cycles of the patient

Case Study

Custom interior and exterior aesthetic light with energy saving LED lighting technologies for Zulekha Hospital, Dubai

Lighting projects

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