Lighting Retrofit

Upgrade Your Lighting. Cut the Loses. 

Replace your light fixtures and start enjoying the money savings that Lighting Retrofit offers, while using energy in a more efficient way.

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The Result You Will Love

Lower electricity consumption

Enhanced aesthetics 

Little-to-no maintenance

Get All Your Needs Covered in One Solution.

The Lighting Retrofit offers flexible, affordable and energy efficient solutions to replace existing lamps and luminaries.

Replacement of existing luminaire with LEDs 

Remove and replace fluorescent parabolic troffers, pendants, and HID wall packs with an LED fixture.

Replacement of lamps/ballasts with matched LEDs

The existing luminaires are left intact but you replace the lamps with LED equivalent lamps and bypass/remove the ballasts.

Convert the existing luminaries to LED

If you aren’t planning a comprehensive remodeling of a facility, you can convert the existing luminaires to LED.



(Classic lightbulb)



1,200 hours

1,100 lumens

75 W/AED 32.96/yr


(Compact Fluorescent Lighting)



8,000 hours

1,100 lumens

20 W/AED 8.79/yr


(Light Emitted Diode)




Up to 50,000 hours

1,100 lumens

17 W/AED 7.48/yr

Quick to Install. Easy to Live With.

Get your team to see how effortless and effective lighting retrofit can be.

Case study

Dubai's DXB airport to result in $10m savings

Replacement of 15,500 outdoor and indoor lights at the terminals with energy saving LED lights.

Case study

1800+ fixtures replacement for Dubai Healthcare City in just 30 days

We provided a smart lighting solution with a guaranteed savings for 7 years.

Case study

65% less energy consumption for the biggest Sharaf DG store 

Sharaf DG's biggest store underwent major changes that leaded to the 65% energy savings.


Easy to start.

Affordable as you grow.

Say goodbye to costly and lengthy installation processes.


Saving Model

SDG Energy provides entire turn-key solution of the project. All costs are paid by the customer, with projects savings guaranteed by SDG Energy.

Credit liability: Customer

Performance liability: SDG Energy


Saving Model

SDG Energy provides all engineering, equipment and capital expenses for the project. All project costs are paid from the savings generated and are shared with the business owner starting from day 1.

Credit liability: SDG Energy

Performance liability: SDG Energy


Replace Your Current Lighting System with a More Efficient Solution

Contact us and one of our specialists will recommend the suitable energy solution for your space.

Over 250 completed lighting projects within 4 years all over UAE.


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