Lighting retrofit

Sharaf DG Energy provides one of the easiest ways to create savings and gain a spectrum of business advantages with its lighting retrofit services 


Energy savings

In a commercial or industrial building, lighting can account for as much as 28% of the electric utility bill

Maintenance savings

LEDs last longer.

Replacing existing lighting with LED eliminates lamp replacement cycles and ballast maintenance

Interior improvement

Your employees’ morale and your visitors’ impression of the care you place in your brand will improve with a well-maintained environment

Environmental impact

LED lighting can save up to 50% over other lighting solutions, shrinking your carbon footprint significantly

Long life

The life of LEDs are at least 5 times longer than fluorescent lamps and have a warranty of 5 years 

Our retrofit services

Replacement of existing luminaire with LEDs 

Remove and replace fluorescent parabolic troffers, pendants, and HID wall packs with an LED fixture

Replacement of lamps/ballasts with matched LEDs

The existing luminaires are left intact but you replace the lamps with LED equivalent lamps and bypass/remove the ballasts

Convert the existing luminaries to LED

If you aren’t planning a comprehensive remodeling of a facility, you can convert the existing luminaires to LED


(Classic lightbulb)


(Compact Fluorescent Lighting)


(Light Emitted Diode)



1,200 hours

1,100 lumens

75 W/AED 32.96/yr



8,000 hours

1,100 lumens

20 W/AED 8.79/yr



Up to 50,000 hours

1,100 lumens

17 W/AED 7.48/yr

Flexible finance options

Guaranteed saving model

Sharaf DG Energy provides entire turn-key solution of the project. All costs are paid by the customer, with projects savings guaranteed by Sharaf DG Energy

Credit liability: Customer

Performance liability: Sharaf DG Energy

Shared saving model

Sharaf DG Energy provides all engineering, equipment and capital expenses for the project. All project costs are paid from the savings generated and are shared with the business owner starting from day 1

Credit liability: Sharaf DG Energy

Performance liability: Sharaf DG Energy

How much can you save?

They payback period for retrofit projects is as low as 3 years and it contributes to 20-30% energy savings. Inquire to know more

Retrofit projects

Replace outdated energy intensive fluorescent strips, pendants and HID wall packs with low-cost-high-efficiency LED technology. Increase productivity and safety and raise the facilities leasing value