Clients: Khalifa, Wadi bin Shami, Al Dhafrah

Project: Explosion-proof and weather-proof exterior and interior lighting, including fluorescent, LED lighting, metal-halide and sodium-vapor

Project Outcome: Interior and exterior lighting with a match of safety standards

Project delivery: 3 months

Status: Ongoing



The utilities developer Larson & Toubro approached Sharaf DG Energy to install durable and energy efficient lights on its facility in compliance with the safety standards.

These are unmanned substations, located in remote highways and are mission-critical facilities that have to be operational throughout the year on a 24/7 basis, coping with harsh desert conditions

LED saves 75% to 90% energy than the traditional HID lighting solution, and lighting products that we provide last for at least 80000 hours, which greatly reduce your maintenance and running cost


At the foundation of power generation and distribution are the substations, fueling infrastructure projects and coping with the ever-increasing domestic energy demand. Reliable substation yard lighting is crucial for security and daily maintenance. Bright illumination across the stations not only avoid the trespasser, but assist the electricians to do the inspection on the electricity tower and power lines at night


Complying against the ADWEA/ ADDC/AADC specifications, we carried out indoor lighting for switchgear, airlock, mobile DG socket, fire pump, HVAC, LVAC, DC, telecom, SCMS and battery rooms, basements, staircases, corridors and washrooms


The substation flood lighting system is designed for harsh environments such as high ambient temperature, humid conditions. In detail, high-temperature and explosion-proof LED lights can be applied to different parts of electrical generation and distribution system, such as transmission, distribution tower

Project outcome

LED saves 75% to 90% energy than the traditional HID lighting solution

Lighting products that we provide last for at least 80000 hours

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