Showcasing contemporary designs and effective engineering, we meet the need of prominent public structures like Mosques, parks, plazas, walkways and governmental offices at the heart of Dubai

Public spaces 






Our sustainability belief

UAE's sustainability goal 7 ensures access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy to all.

Following this vision, all indoor and outdoor public areas are being installed with energy efficient LED lighting to bring down the overall energy consumption and environmental impact

How we do it

Sharaf DG Energy bring  you innovative lighting systems to light up your public spaces. Effective lighting in urban public areas combine engineering solutions with urban strategies that focus on the needs of the urban user.


By delivering upto 70% cost savings, LED lighting solutions light up public spaces at a greater economic value.  The two most important aspect of public lighting are visuals and safety. White LED lighting can provide a range of outdoor lighting solutions, from accent lighting of specific features to high intensity washes of intense white light. On the safety front, proper lighting can help to reduce crime and eliminate fear of crime encouraging more visits.

Street lighting is installed with the objective to minimize road accidents, enhance visibility and safety of pedestrians. The quality of light that LED’s produce is superior. They produce directional light, rather than a diffused glow. This means LED’s direct light in specific areas and can also be dimmed where required.

Case Study

A complete interior LED lighting complemented with a custom design chandeller and  outdoor solar street lighting for AWQAF mosque

Lighting projects

Elegant. Comfort. Luxury. Smart. Whatever your choice of lighting, we combine our technical expertise and product knowledge to design and deliver high quality projects