Residential lighting

Curate your personal space using efficient, smart and stylish fixtures for maximum visual comfort and aesthetics

Lighting for a healthy life

Residential lighting integrates expertise from the field of architecture, interior designing and electrical engineering to create ambient living spaces that maintain a healthy balance of natural and artificial lights. It is more focused on a family’s need for comfort and self-expression

UAE's residential segment

Dubai residences boast of a classic amalgamation of traditional architecture with a modern twist, catering to the needs of all types of customers. Culture is not merely a part of history, but it has to be lived and experienced. Dubai’s vibrant residential community, ranging from budget apartments to luxurious villas, carry the very essence of Arabian architecture combined with modern amenities

Your comfortable home lighting

Living room

A central chandelier, or surface mounted ceiling light with halogen or CFL provides a gorgeous look, complemented with accent lights, pendant lights, wall washer and façade lights


A mix of task lighting and ambient low level lighting is used to accommodate different activities like dressing, reading, and relaxing


A combination of recessed down lights with warm white color and decorative lights are ideally used.Task lighting at the mirror helps you see yourself clearly


Ceiling spot lights help to illuminate work tops for food preparation, whereas cabinet lighting styles assist darker spots within the kitchen

Our commitment

As the leading supplier and distributor of LED lighting fixtures, accessories, power supplies and LED drivers for both indoor & outdoor lighting, we are committed to bringing your vision of a perfect home to life. Offering an innovative approach to specification, grade, energy efficiency, superior craftsmanship and aesthetics, we deliver what you ask for and much more.


We will stay with you from engineering and designing stage to commissioning to commissioning of the entire project. As an advocate of clean energy technologies, we aim to provide products that are eco-friendly and help our customers save their energy consumption

3 categories of services


Don’t let financial constraints to stop you from living the Dubai dream.


We provide cost efficient solutions that fit your budget without compromising on client specifications


For those who don’t mind spending an extra dirham to make the most of a product and service.


Economical lighting solutions add beauty to your house without impacting your finances


Avail the best of what life has to offer.


Our premium category includes unmatched lighting solutions from top international brands and enjoy services that comes along with the package

Case Study

Internal lighting solutions based on the LUX-level specifications and evenness of the light distribution for Al Thowima Residences by MERAAS

Lighting projects

Elegant. Comfort. Luxury. Smart. Whatever your choice of lighting, we combine our technical expertise and product knowledge to design and deliver high quality projects