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Join UAE’s vision of a clean and green future by going solar. Launched by The Ruler of Dubai, Vice-President and Prime-Minister of UAE, H H Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2015, Dubai's clean energy strategy aims to produce 75 per cent of its energy from clean sources by 2050.  Solar itself will generate 25% of the clean energy by 2020.


The Shams Dubai initiative encourages household and building owners to install solar panels. Customers will generate their own power independently, while the excess energy will be transmitted back to the DEWA grid. The excess electricity is accounted for the help of consumer-friendly net-metering policy which will be reflected in the consumer monthly electricity bill

UAE Clean Energy Strategy 

Solar - world cheapest source of power 

The panel prices are dropping with every passing day which means you can switch an alternate lifestyle any day.

The cost of producing electricity from solar is cheaper than fossil fuels. Since 2010, the cost of energy generated from solar PV has fallen by 73%

Utility prices per power type

Data source: IRENA, 2019

Our sustainability contribution

As a contemporary and forward-thinking organization, Sharaf DG Energy constantly endeavors to introduce the latest technologies that add value to the society. We say no to global warming. We say no to greenhouse gas emissions. We deeply care about the kind of environment the next generation will live in, therefore all our actions lead to creating a sustainable future

Energy savings with zero investment

The lease financing model provided by us allows you to go solar without investing a single fil. A lease is an agreement between the solar energy developer and a customer which locks the price at which electricity is produced per kilowatt-hour for next 20 years.

Thus, a solar lease option not only lowers your DEWA bill by 35%+, but it also freezes the rate at which you will generate electricity for the next 20 years, protecting you against future spikes in utility tariff rates

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