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All-in-One Solar Energy Solution

Everything you need to start create your electricity bill savings that increases the value of business or home and adds an aesthetic factor to it.

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Benefits of Going Solar

Solar energy has the power to become the greatest source of energy in the region. You can both optimize your energy consumption as well as reduce your electricity bills by switching to solar.

Immediate bill savings

Our solar lease options lower your DEWA bill by 35-40% as well as freezes the rate at which you generate electricity for the next 25 years, protecting you against future spikes in utility tariff rates.


If you can afford your current monthly bill, you can afford solar energy. Also, it’s not necessary to spend money upfront- Sharaf DG provides solar lease financing options that can be adequate for your budget.

Easy to live with

Solar energy requires little or no maintenance. Operations and maintenance are included in our lease model as we care about our clients as they rely on us for their power consumption.

Increase employee morale

Companies that care about sustainability and local communities tend to have more engaged and happier employees and a raised level of morale since they show their values and vision in every aspect.

Serves a variety of  businesses 

Through a variety of solar panel types and solar energy plans, we at Sharaf DG Energy can find a way to help make your business more sustainable, no matter the industry you are in we have the perfect solution for you.

Clean energy

Through the installation of DEWA-certified solar panels, our customers will be able to generate their own power independently, while the excess energy will be transmitted back to the DEWA grid.


Our Solar Energy Services

Design and Engineering

Solar panels custom designed by the finest PV engineers that meet the highest international quality and safety standards. 


It is not necessary to invest your money upfront. We  provide solar lease financing options and plans for all businesses and budgets.

Regulatory Approvals

We are a DEWA-certified contractor and DEWA approved solar PV contractor under the name [Sharaf DG] SDG energy contracting LLC. 

Installation and Construction

We have technical expertise to carry out solar PV installations and additional connection processes to connect their systems to the DEWA grid. 

Project Commissioning

We perform pre-commissioning procedures. We perform the pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up activities as well as other required tests for all the solar system units.

Operations and Maintenance

Solar energy panels hardly require any maintenance and it is included in our lease model. Also, energy production is guaranteed by us for the lifetime of our solar power plant.


How UAE Government Promotes Solar

Learn more how Dubai's government promotes the use of solar via fiscal benefits to its residents and business owners, allowing to contribute to the sustainable development to the country at the same time.


We Provide Solar Energy But We Also Care About Every Single Step In The Process.

Customer Management

We are a DEWA certified EPC contractor with in-house design and engineering expertise. We handle the entire process from complete design to connection to the DEWA grid and handover. 


Our local presence and stellar market reputation enables us to provide hassle-free financing options that can be tailored to the customers’ needs. Inquire about our CAPEX and OPEX plans today.

Design & Analytics

Our DEWA certified engineers customize the solar PV system in accordance with international best practices. In-house solar designing software simulates and generates real energy consumption values.


We follow a detailed Operations and Maintenance plan upon completion of the project. Our preliminary tasks include inspection of site, maintenance, cleaning and testing systems for wear and tear.

Asset Servicing

Upon completion of system installation, We will then manage all stages of design & engineering, DEWA approval, installation, maintenance and monitoring throughout the life of the system.


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