Re-thinking the business using solar


The benefits you get

Now affordable by everyone 

We provide cash-purchase, as well as lease and financing packages for 10,15 and 20 years.

Savings up to 95%

By producing you own electricity onsite you reduce the amount of electricity purchased from DEWA.

25-year guarantee

We guarantee the performance of your solar power plant and provide operation, maintenance & LIVE monitoring.

Connection to DEWA

No batteries. You will be connected to DEWA to ensure that your demand

meets supply.

Lock DEWA's tariff

Generate your power while protecting your business from future tariff





All Types

of Segments

We Care

of Every


Step in

the Process.

Customer Management

We are a DEWA certified EPC contractor with in-house design and engineering expertise. We handle the entire process from complete design to connection to the DEWA grid and handover. 


Our local presence and stellar market reputation enables us to provide hassle-free financing options that can be tailored to the customers’ needs. Inquire about our CAPEX and OPEX plans today.

Design & Analytics

Our DEWA certified engineers customize the solar PV system in accordance with international best practices. In-house solar designing software simulates and generates real energy consumption values.


We follow a detailed Operations and Maintenance plan upon completion of the project. Our preliminary tasks include inspection of site, maintenance, cleaning and testing systems for wear and tear.

Asset Servicing

Upon completion of system installation, We will then manage all stages of design & engineering, DEWA approval, installation, maintenance and monitoring throughout the life of the system.


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