Benefits to go solar

UAE companies are now quickly realizing the social and economic benefits of adopting solar power. Since the early adopters went ahead in the competition, many companies are exploring solar to keep up 

Solar is flexible 

Solar energy is recognized as the future of mainstream electricity generation

Solar can serve any business within any segment 

Solar rooftop

Solar is aesthetic 

Solar parking

Solar results in electricity bill savings

Solar ground mount

Solar is easy to live with

Solar panels require little-to-no maintenance for its entire 20-30 life span. O&M are included in the Sharaf DG Energy's lease model as we care about our clients. Moreover, energy production is guaranteed by us for the lifetime of your solar power plant

Over the past 5 years, solar panel prices have dropped more than 80%. And it is not even necessary to spend any money upfront, solar lease financing options provided by Sharaf DG Energy makes it possible to go solar for everyone

If you can afford your current monthly bill,

you can afford solar

Energy savings with zero investment

The lease financing model provided by Sharaf DG Energy allows you to go solar without investing a single dirham. A lease is a power purchase agreement between the solar energy developer and a customer which locks the price at which electricity is produced per kilo watt hour for next 25 years.


Thus, a solar lease option not only lowers your DEWA bill by 35-40%, but it also freezes the rate at which you will generate electricity for the next 25 years, protecting you against future spikes in utility tariff rates.

Increase employee morale

Similar to consumers, employees share their appreciation for their company's commitment to operating responsibility. Companies that care about sustainability and local communities tend to have more engaged and happier employees, and a raised level of morale

Solar energy

Transform your lifestyle by switching to solar energy today

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